Tuesday, 23 November 2010

First of all, listen to this; 
so so mint.

anyway, here we are at Tuesday in the second week of the Fine Art rotation. Last week was pretty iffy in that, although i had ideas from Reading week, i sorta didn't know where to begin..? I found myself sat there watching everyone else immerse themselves into their projects for long bursts of time. After a slight bit of guidance, i left to go buy some things from a Vintage shop which i could place with other objects i owned to create some sort of composition i could paint from. After having done this numerous times, i ended up exploring the idea of looking into other people's personal spaces, and so ended up collecting photographs of people's rooms and painting them. That's all well and good, but i ended up finding myself a little bored. When i do paint and create images, i like to have a certain idea behind it; all my work is normally fairly narrative rather than just coming up from nothing. Due to this, i ended up getting some floorboards and painting a sorta 'murder' discovery piece of them, in which one by one you see parts of a crime scene; one floorboard contains blood, the next contains a razor, etcetera etcetera. I continued this idea and ended up creating a Domestic Violence group of images; they don't necessarily need to be interpreted in that way, but that was my main focus behind it. Yes, i like to be grim.
Despite my efforts, as this week has begun, i was told to focus less on the ideas behind it but instead just focus on creating these paintily images of compositions i have placed together, in which case i have continued to do so, using the tabletops around the studio as a background and placing objects on top. I'm reasonably happy with the way these images are turning out, however, i would have liked to have had an idea formed behind it, however, if people dig it then i guess it's all gravy. 

Tomorrow i have a Goldsmiths open day to attend which will be interesting; for the rest of the day i plan to attempt to fill my sketchbook up slightly more and see if i can come up with some sort of idea for my final piece, for i do not know exactly what i'm going to present on friday. Otherwise, sleeping is vital and perhaps making a start on my Ucas Application.
Roll on Friday, it's payday. need more acrylic. yeyeyyeyeyeyyeee.


Friday, 5 November 2010

6th November 2010: this is the end of the introduction, and finally, the Chelsea course is going to be kicking off. I did choose to do a foundation for the fact that i wanted to go through the rotation process and learn new things, see what areas i would take to, etcetera, but i've ended up with a clear pass at assessment and going in to where i thought i'd be best off; Fine Art. It seemed the Fine Art tutors and the Assessment tutor both agreed with me on this. This morning we had the briefing for our first project before 'Reading Week' takes place; it's basically going to be a half-term style week in which a lot of students chose to do as little work as physically possible and just mellow out after the busy start to the year we just experienced. I immediately think that i'm going to do this, but i'm really not; i'm so psyched to be starting the Fine Art specialisation, and already, like a little geek, i have all my kit ready to begin and as soon as i got back to the flat today, i started researching artists, and brainstorming ideas in my mind to think of the best possible way to attack this project. This week is going to be a week off to relax, unwind, spend some time with friends and family, but i'm also going to really expand my mind in order to try and come up with the most interesting approach to the project. I really can't wait to properly begin, my life at Chelsea is officially starting, and from this point, i never want it to end.

:o) .x